Updated to Membership 2 and it somehow uninstalled my entire wordpress installation

After updating to membership 2, I navigated to the m2 dashboard and imported the users. It froze at 67%. Now, when I navigate to my domain, (www.thenormalschool.com), it redirects me to the wordpress installation page. After filling out the needed information, I hit install, and nothing happens. I made a backup using snapshot before I updated, but obviously I can't access it because I can't get into wordpress. Please help.

Edit: I can't access my database in mysql admin so it looks like it wiped my entire database???

Edit2: Hmmm, I guess everything is working again. It even imported all my members. I think. Has anyone else had this issue? The importer froze, but then it seems all the members were imported? I only ask because I don't know exactly how many members I had but the numbers I have now seem right.

Edit3: Nope, now it's reverted to the original problem. It seems that whenever I do anything with the membership 2 plugin, it breaks my database, and wordpress acts like it isn't installed.

edit4: Here's what a support representative from my hosting told me: "Usually, WordPress website shows installation page due to the 'max_questions' for the MySQL database which is being used by the blog. If the MySQL user exceeds the database query limit, which is 75,000 per hour per user, then the WordPress website will be redirected to the installation page. This setting is in place to ensure that the MySQL database cannot be overloaded with to many query requests. The queries will reset every hour and is kept by user; however every time the pages on your website are accessed you are still attempting to make queries to the database server. It will be fixed automatically within one hour."

Just leaving this here in case anyone else has this problem. I guess my issue is resolved. We'll see in an hour. This is maybe something you WPMU DEVers should warn us about before installation.