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Me again! I just had my mu site configured and there are numerous updates needed. Most of them appear to require a download with no automatic update available. Could this be correct? It would take hours to manually do this, so I am hoping I am missing something. Also, if manual is the only approach do I need to remove the existing file prior to downloading and uploading or will the update just over write existing file?

  • DavidM
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    Hi randit,

    Regarding the auto-updates, while most of the files here are now auto-update capable, not all of them are. The plugins that reside in the /mu-plugins/ folder are an example of this.

    The best method of updating really is to delete existing copies then copy over the latest versions, but they can usually be simply overwritten without problems.

    The biggest concern here is with files from previous versions that are no longer needed not being deleted in the process of overwriting. On less common occasions, this can create problems.

    Hope that helps!


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