Updating a new password for all website

Hi guys, quick question...we have about 72 websites and we just had someone leave the office and we want to change the WordPress user password for ALL of our websites. Is there a way to do this all at once?

  • Fabio Fava

    Hey Chrissanne

    Your question is a bit confusing: do you want to change the PW for one user or all users? Are those 72 websites Single WP Installs, or they are under one same Multisite?

    If it's a Multisite, and just for one user, just change it. Passwords are stored per-user and not per-site. So you change, and it will be the new password for every single site on that Multisite.

    If your 72 websites are all Single WP Installs... Well, then I don't know how to help. But you are probably spending a lot on Multiple Hostings and Server Disk Space.

    On a Multisite, you can place all of your websites under the same WP Install, then you just have to update WordPress, Plugins and Themes ONCE. One Server Disk Space, Infinite Websites.

    Hope it helps you, cheers!

  • Huberson

    Hi there Chrissanne
    As Fabio Fava said above managing the users on 72 sites can be easier if they all on a single multisite install. And update the user meta info in one place.

    If they're individual WordPress install you can use our User Sync plugin to sync and manage users on all 72 sites with one master site.
    The initial setup will require to connect all the other sites to the master site but once done, you will be able to update users from master and having the change propagated across all the other sites.

    The setup is pretty straight forward. You can have a look at the usage guide Here.

    You can use User Sync the same way on multisite as well.


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