Updating BP-Daily

Hi there,

Quick question. My site (www.gbiportal.net) is telling me that I have BP-Daily installed, and it is not telling me that there is an update. I tried updating just now, but it tells me there is no update.

But, I’m seeing in the BP-Daily listing on WPMUDEV that there is a version 4.1.7 now.

What’s the best way to proceed?

And I don’t have to update anything in the child, right?

Thanks for your help,


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey Laurie, hope you are well.

    Can I check is your Updater Plugin also up to date?

    Anywhoo the best way to get around this is to download a fresh set of files, unpack them, remove the old theme and upload the new one.

    This is essentially the same thing the auto updater does, its just the manual way.

    There have been a fair few changes over the releases so a child theme may need some updates as well depending on whats been changed by you.

    The best way to know is to update and test. You could do this within a sandbox/test install so then it is not live. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

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