Updating Crashes Wordpress

When I load the WMPU Dev update it locks up the server and I can't get back into wordpress. The site remains up, it is just the wordpress interface that is gets a 500 error. This happened before (two weeks ago) and I hoped that the newest updates would not cause the same problem. I had to have my ISP go in and reset the wordpress site and uninstall the WMPU DEV plug-in to get back into the wordpress site. Is there not a solution? Not having the WMPU DEV dashboard eliminates several of my much used plug-ins.

  • Milan

    Hello Seneca Daily

    Hope you are well today and thanks for asking us. :slight_smile:

    Let's try to capture error logs here first.

    #0) Take backup of your site so that you can restore it later.
    #1) Please open your wp-config.php file,
    #2) Find this line of code,

    define ( "WP_DEBUG", false );

    replace it with these lines,

    define( "WP_DEBUG", true );
    define( "WP_DEBUG_LOG", true );
    define( "WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY", false );

    After this, try to update the plugin. If it causes site breakdown, go to /wp-content/ folder, find file named debug.log there. Change its extension from .log to .txt. Upload it in your next post.

    If you can not conduct above process on your live site, please create staging copy of it and conduct above procedure there. To replicate your live site, you may want to consider our Snapshot Pro.
    Snapshot Pro

    Looking forward to hearing back.
    Best Regards,

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