Updating from old membership plugin to new membership 2 pro plugin


My client is currently using an old version of WPMU DEV's membership plugin. We are about to update the plugin, however, I just wanted to hear if there is anything I need to consider in the process? Will some element break or is backward compatibility considered? :slight_smile:


  • Vaughan

    Hi Mika,

    Hope you're well?

    You should be good to go, however, please make sure you do a full DB backup before proceeding, just in case.

    There's an import script in the plugin which gives the following.

    Exported data:
    Subscription Plans (without level rules)
    Registrations (link between Members and Subscription Plans)

    Each Subscription-Level is imported as a individual Membership.

    Transactions are converted to invoices. Data like tax-rate or applied coupons are not available.

    Please note that we cannot import recurring 2Checkout subscriptions to Membership2!

    If you're not using 2checkout, then recurring subscriptions should be fine & will import ok.

    If you do have any issues, let us know.

    Hope this helps