Updating Home Page Content with Multisite Content Copier


I think your Multisite Content Copier may be exactly what I need. However, I just want to make sure it has the capabilities I require. Here is what i am looking to accomplish:

I have a site on my multisite network that is my base template. I then allow users to sign up for their own websites using your New Blog Templates plugin, so all websites are the same.

I am looking for the ability to update the home page content of the base template and have the changes be added to all the users sites automatically. For example, if I were to add a new button to the base template, then all user sites would get that button too. Or, if I removed a button, it would get removed from all sites too.

Is this possible with Multisite Content Copier? Also, if the home page has a sidebar that includes widgets, is it possible for this to not be effected by the home page update?


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    If I understand you correctly, multisite content copier doesn't copy the actual template.

    It just copies content. So theoretically, if the base default template has a specific home template that uses a home page. IE. A static front page (Dashboard > settings > reading), then you could change the content of that page in the base site and use content copier to updated all other sites home page content.

    To change the actual template etc, you would need to edit the theme itself.

    Hope this helps

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