Updating MarketPress deleted my custom theme

The recent update to MarketPress wiped out my custom CSS sheet.

Is this going to happen with every update?
I thought the updates would leave the theme folder alone (at least not delete what is there).

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @Spectrum

    Welcome to the community.

    Sorry to hear this, I hope you had a backup.

    Unfortunately, that's the way Wordpress works, it's not the way the actual plugin works. so it's not marketpress fault, wordpress itself is how it's designed it.

    however, if you want to customize themes, then I would recommend creating a child theme of the 1 you use, a child theme will allow you to customize the hell out of the parent theme, but the child theme will not be affected or deleted by any future updates.

    you may like to read this, it will give you some advice on child themes.

    let us know if you require any further help.


  • Spectrum
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Sorry... maybe I didn't make it clear... not the theme itself -- that is fine. The file that got deleted was marketpress/marketpress-includes/themes/my-custom.css

    I have updated WP many times without the theme getting effected, I just though MP would work the same.

    No worries, now that I know this is how it will work in the future.

    (And, yes, I had a backup :slight_smile:

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