Updating options when user changes subdomain in publication settings

So I just noticed a strange bug. Mostly strange because everything still works okay.

Basically I have a some custom image uploads that work like any other upload and end up the blogs.dir folder along with the other files used by the current blog.

However when a user switches the subdomain in publication settings, from subdomain1.site.com to subdomain2.site.com, all the info stored in the database is still saying subdomain1.site.com.

Because of the re-writing urls, the image is still found, since it uses the blogs.dir/id/ which didn’t change.

The really strange thing is that you can literally type in ANY subdomain, the main site, ANYTHING and still get the file. Am I missing something? This seems a little strange.

One thing – I was not in the ‘blogs.dir/id/files’ folder just in ‘blogs.dir/id/MYFOLDER’ is that what is doing it? (why do I feel like I just answered my own question? :slight_smile: