Updating Themes and Plugin installation pages

The team is currently working through installation pages for all themes and plugins.

Each installation page will include how to install at the top of the installation page and then below it how to use (for example the Anti-splog installation page - https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/anti-splog/installation/ ).

We are working asap to update all instructions, however if you come across an installation page which hasn't been updated, and you need more details please let us know so that we can prioritise it.

Also if you come across an updated installation page and need more information -- please let us know so we can check it out.

  • Mason

    Hey Sue,

    Glad to hear these changes are taking effect! One of the things I would love to see happen is to have the changelog posted somewhere on the plugin/theme page. Even when we use the WPMU Dev plugin to notify us of updates we are still taken to a page and have no way of knowing what the updates are without downloading and unzipping the files ourselves. It would be nice to know what the changes are ahead of time and then be able to prioritize whether or not we need to immediately download and test a plugin to prepare it for our installation. Ideally the changelog would appear on the theme/plugin page AND on the WPMU Dev update plugin page. Thanks for all your time and efforts!


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