Updating to 1.6.5 gives blank wp-admin

Hi, I had buddypress 1.2.x and decided it was time to upgrade it. I just clicked on upgrade to 1.6.5 and I noticed that my entire wp-admin went completely blank.

So I then remembered that I read that you have to get 1.5 first before. So I removed the 1.6.5 and instead did the upgrade setup with buddypress version 1.5.6 that I found.

That version seems to work without any problems. But the problem still persists in trying to upgrade to 1.6.5

Do you know what the problem could be and solution? Can it be the fact that I removed multisite and turned it into a single blog again? Can it be that I accidentally got the 1.6.5 plugin before getting 1.5.6 and doing the setup? Theme compability issue?

Hope you can help :slight_smile:

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    hi @Dukeswe

    thanks for posting.

    I would hazard a guess the initial problem was likely from not doing the 1.5 upgrade first. there could be some DB table issues.

    however, I'm not sure I'm qualified to offer a solution, have you spoken with the buddypress support at buddypress.org?

    they will most likely know a solution to this, if it is indeed the 1.5 issue.

    let us know what BP support say, if it's a multisite issue, then we'll have to dig in deeper.

    on a sidenote, do you have a backup? I'm hoping you do. it could be easier to restore an earlier backup & try again.

    if not, i would highly recommend that, before any major updates, or regardless of updates, you should make regular backups of your site, just in case the inevitable happens. I've lost weeks & months of work in the past by not having any backups, it's a hard lesson to learn, but once learned the hard way, it's something that becomes part of the procedure.

    what many people do is create a 2nd development site, which is basicly a complete clone of their live site, then they do all the testing on the dev site before doing anything on the live site, that can also save time & will highlight any issues with updating plugins or anything, if it breaks the dev site, then at least it hasn't harmed your live site.

    hope this helps


  • Dukeswe
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I just made a post on buddypress.org so we will have to wait and see what they say.

    I have a backup before I removed multisite. I did the buddypress updating just after.
    I do usually take backups before major updates :slight_smile:


  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello there @Dukeswe, I hope you're well today!

    Do you still require assistance on this one?

    If you're still having this issue, I would advise you set WP_DEBUG to 'true' in your wp-config.php file so that we may get some more info on the actual problem.


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