Updating to 1.6.5 gives blank wp-admin

Hi, I had buddypress 1.2.x and decided it was time to upgrade it. I just clicked on upgrade to 1.6.5 and I noticed that my entire wp-admin went completely blank.

So I then remembered that I read that you have to get 1.5 first before. So I removed the 1.6.5 and instead did the upgrade setup with buddypress version 1.5.6 that I found.

That version seems to work without any problems. But the problem still persists in trying to upgrade to 1.6.5

Do you know what the problem could be and solution? Can it be the fact that I removed multisite and turned it into a single blog again? Can it be that I accidentally got the 1.6.5 plugin before getting 1.5.6 and doing the setup? Theme compability issue?

Hope you can help :slight_smile: