Updating to Domain Mapping 3.0.8

Hi There,

I would like to update the Domain Mapping plugin to 3.0.8 but wonder, what is the best way as I still have the plugin installed in the mu-plugin folder.

I don't want to risk to mash up with all the mapped domains in my network :slight_smile:

Shall I just exchange the files one by one, change to the the regular plugin folder or what is the best way you suggest?


  • Basem

    I have 20+ sites on my MU WordPress and was brave enough to try this early in the morning. Thankfully it worked with no problems. Here is what I did:

    1) Put WP in maintenance mode (add a file in the root of WP called ".maintenance" with this as the only content: <?php $upgrading = time(); ?>:wink:. Your sites will be down during this period.

    2) Backup and delete domain-mapping.php from the mu-plugins folder

    3) Upload the new domain mapping plugin into the plugin folder and follow any other instructions for installation as normal for 3.0.8 like backing up and replacing sunrise.php.

    4) Rename ".maintenance" to ".maintenance.bak" so you can use it in the future by removing .bak

    5) Network Activate the domain mapping plugin.

    6) That's it! All your settings should appear as it did before.

    I hope this helps. If you found this useful drop me some points :slight_smile: Blessings