Updating Wordpress - Windows IIS

Well.. definitely a first.

My client has an application that must run on milleniumcollections.com - it is ASP -

THey have an old wordpress site at http://www.milleniumcollections.com and wanted it made more modern - and .../newsite is the new site (a bit obvious)

I have never done anything on IIS, I have my own servers that are LAMP. I contracted somone to move the dev site from my LAMP server to IIS.

Now, the theme is out of date, and I go to update it, and wordpress challenges me for my FTP credentials.

The guy I contracted with said that there is no automated updates, that all updates are literally copied, uncompressed, etc. by hand. No such thing as "update all selected plugins"

Is this true? Is it not possible to have the update function work on an IIS platform - that sounds just too archaic for me, and I have to believe that there is a better solution.

If there is a better solution, is this something I can use your board to hire out?

I should NEVER have taken on a windows based site as a favor.. urghhhhh.