Upfront and Gutenberg

I'm in the beginning stages of setting up a multisite business and wanted to use a front-end builder so my clients can more easily change/update their sites. I'm torn between Upfront, Beaver Builder and Elementor.

I plan on using many of WPMUDEV's plugins (I already do on other sites) and so Upfront seems logical but first I had a few questions.

1. Does Upfront use shortcodes to build the pages? What happens if I change themes is there content lock using Upfront.
2. What steps are being taken to ensure Upfront is compatible with Gutenberg?

Thanks for the help.

  • Huberson

    Hello Ben
    Upfront make uses of shortcode but when you're editing/creating your content from Upfront editor, all your content are stored in the database like they would with normal editor.

    Although there're some custom elements like custom icons specific in Upfront that won't be rendered properly or not at all when switching to other theme, changing theme will cause the site to lose it's custom appearance made in Upfront but all created posts, pages, featured images, menu will still be visible and editable with default WordPress options. There's no content lock.

    Also, shortcode can be used in upfront like the default WordPress editor using either Upfront text element or widget - How do you integrate shortcodes with Upfront?

    Regarding Gutenberg, we are not working actively on an integration with Upfront but if you're interested in that possibility, you can join the discussion by following this post - DISCUSSION OF THE WEEK: GUTENBERG! (PARTICIPATION = 3 HERO POINTS)

    Feel free to reach us anytime if you need additional information.


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