upfront and multisite privacy not working

server: Centos 7, 4.7.3 wp, 7.1.3 php

Bare bones plugins: dashboard, hustle, multisite privacy, smartcrawl

Was creating a quick landing page site.

I was using another theme with multisite privacy and it was working fine.

I switched to upfront->gillie to get a different look and multisite privacy no longer worked.

I noticed that upfront seem to take away the selectable front page. Does upfront do some kind of intercept for the front page thus missing the multisite hooks ?

I did not have any cache active and when I switched back to the other theme multisite privacy worked fine again.

I was using incognito chrome and privacy ie and neither worked while using upfront with multisite privacy.

Don’t ask for site it no longer is in that config. upfront is disabled. Can’t use it if I can hide some development on sites.