Upfront and WPML Issue. Hey team! I got super excited about

Upfront and WPML Issue.
Hey team! I got super excited about the new Upfront 1.0 - it came right on time for my own site! I want it with two languages, so I bought WPML. The main language is English and the additional is Bulgarian. So here's the issue :
should be two different pages, yet Upfront doesn't think the same way - any change on any of the pages, applies to both of them. Which is bad. I have come to a workaround, but it makes WPML irrelevant. Anyway, just wanted to let you know about this :slight_smile:

  • Valentin

    Hi, Kasia!
    The workaround actually can go without WPML and it is pretty simple - just make another page for the additional language and then add child pages to it. Say, make a page with slug bg like :
    and the other pages have to be child pages of BG
    This way people will have to actually build every single page on its own, but they can actually save you $$ for WPML if they need a small site with couple of pages. Also different menus should be made for the different language pages :slight_smile:
    They can also set a static page for front and customize it with Upfront :slight_smile:

    I keep my fingers crossed for Upfront to get even better in the near future!

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