UPFRONT BUG: Anchor links not respecting primary domain

Reported this before…reporting it again after the latest upfront 1.4 update.

Scenario in the event it wasn’t clear before…for a subblog in a multisite environment:

Domain Mapping Primary domain: http://www.testcase.com

Editing customize upfront link: https://networkname.com/testcase/?editmode=true

When editing via the upfront editor creating an anchor link in the navigation bar, the link is not reflecting the domain mapping primary domain.

The link will be: https://networkname.com/testcase/#anchorlink

The link should be: http://www.testcase.com/#anchorlink

Very frustrating bug to explain and fix…can we get this in the pipeline for 1.4.1 and a hotfix so we can get things right right now…?

Thanks guys and gals