Upfront bug with theme colors, alpha values and custom CSS #ufc1

So I came across an odd problem.

I have a plain text block that I'm styling and I want to have a background color that is white and 85% opaque (rgba(255,255,255,0.85)).

I create a theme colour because I was doing it in one other place and theme colours rock. So I set it accordingly

When I went to use it in my custom CSS I tried background-color:#ufc8; which should have worked as expected since you can clearly see that I've chosen an alpha value of 0.85. However, its using only #FFFFFF which would be wrong.

It would seem to me that you should either remove the alpha option from the theme colours (a bad idea, IMHO) or honour the alpha, even if it means reporting all the colours using rgba() if you can't easily handle the case when Alpha < 1.0