I try to build a themes with UPFRONT BUILDER on my local computer. I’m using MAMP.

First I did was install pre-made themes from WPMUDEV. I choose SPIRIT. And then after that I install UPFRONT BUILDER.

Now, I am try to make new themes from scratch using UPFRONT BUILDER, I named it “test one”. I got errors.

First error(see attachment:firsteror.jpg):


The request URL/test-ones/create-new/themes was not found on this server.

Note: the name of the themes should be without “S” at the end. But it created during creation process I guess.

After this happened, I went back to builder page to see what happened. Inside the builder page I found the file that I created (test one) —-> see attachment (List_in_UPFRONT_BUILDER.jpg). After I saw it, I thought everything was a glitch. Unfortunately it was not.

Next, I click on the theme test one (Edit in Builder). And then, the second error came up (please see attachment:seconderror.jpg)

What was going on? I did try to create new one again after that, unfortunately the same result(error) came up.

I also did try to remove the site locally, and install it brand new site. Still the same.

Please can I get some help? Thank you so much!