Upfront Builder + Google Fonts - Lack of styles = Oh My!

I am developing a theme using Upfront Builder. I am running into an issue and it appears to be common. First, awesome that there is a Google Fonts module, that rocks! But there are 2 issues, and neither seem to be directly addressed in the forums.

Issue 1: Not all Google fonts are available for import.
Issue 2: If the font is available, not all styles are available.

Example: My logo for my company uses Montserrat. Love that font. However there are 18 styles available via Google. In the Upfront Builder, just 2 are; Normal and Bold. This would be great, if I did not need more options. Murphy's law - what you need is NEVER available.

The GREAT thing about Upfront is the ability to use TEXT as a logo. I would love to take advantage of this, but alas an unable because Montserrat Extra Bold is not available.

The option here is to install an additional plugin. Or... The awesome people at WPMUDEV could address this and help us out a little!

That would be Neato!