Upfront Builder not letting me make a new theme

When I try to start a new theme, after I give it a name there is no option to immediately download it as a blank slate as there seemed to be in your tutorial. It immediately wants to go into “Start Building” . After I type in a name for my “new” theme, “Start Building”, and get past the 3 popup boxes for the “quick tour”, it pulls up the active child theme, Fixer. The 3 popup boxes don’t appear in the tutorial [in Academy] and keep popping up no matter how many times I try to start a new blank theme.

When I try to save my “new” theme, it asks whether I want to activate uf-fixer theme. If I chose “no”, the new theme with my name does not save. If I chose “yes”, the new theme with my name does not save. There is no “save as” option to try to make the new theme accept a different name and of course naming the theme then choosing “Start Building” doesn’t give the theme the new name, either.

Is there a blank theme somewhere, or is this a bug in the newest UpFront update? Or is this a “feature”, where one has to clobber an existing child theme, then dig into its files and replace all instances of “fixer” with whatever I want my new theme name to be.

I have a clean WordPress install and other than installing UpFront and a child theme as instructed earlier in the course, there’s nothing else running on my site.

WP 4.6.1 and Upfront Builder 1.1.4, fixer 1.3.