[Upfront Builder] Templates created in Upfront Builder are not being applied to pages

So I created a few templates using Upfront Builder. I have tried to apply those templates [specifically the Landing page template] to three current pages [Commercial and Residential] and it does not change the page layout or formatting at all. I have reset my site's cache and cleared my browser cache. Am I misunderstanding that I can create a template in Builder and apply it to existing pages to change that page's layout?

Also, I made changes to the Landing page template with Builder, created a new page using that template and it does not show an updated template. When I go back into Builder, all my changes are there when I pull up the Landing page template. What am I missing? I have enabled Support Access if needed. Thanks!

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    Hello Gwindylyn,

    hope you're doing good and thanks for reaching us! :slight_smile:

    I think there's misunderstanding between Upfront Editor and Builder, layouts and templates.

    Upfront Builder is used in order to edit the actual theme files and template files that follows WP hierarchy. These will be the template that a page will get assigned to, depending on the actual post type/URL and all content inserted via Builder, can be considered theme's default content, like the one you see when you first install a theme.

    Upfront Editor on the other hand, is used for site-specific changes, as it stores all data in the database instead of the theme files. So, if you edit a page and make some changes, you can save it as a separate layout, which can be used in other pages too.

    In general, UF Editor changes are overriding UF Builder settings, so database is overriding files.
    If you're noticing that a page isn't the same as in Builder, then some changes have been made already to it via Editor. You can reset Editor changes by resetting layouts from Upfront -> General -> Debug Options

    Hope that was some help!
    Warm regards,

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