Upfront changes do not show up in browser

I've made numerous changes in upfront theme, and the changes seem to save just fine. When I leave the editor and come back, the changes are still there. I've cleared cache completely, removed other plugins. I've restarted browser. I've restarted computer. I've performed dns flush. Nothing I do seems to get the changes to show up in my browser. Even little changes like changing the link associated with an image simply don't show up in the live site. Even after an hour, the changes don't show up. It's like I could build the whole site inside the editor, but meanwhile, the live site doesn't change at all. Is this normal? I've also checked with hosting vendor, and everything seems ok there. At least according to them. Any insight is much appreciated.

  • Christian

    The Panino theme is running on uig.dangeroustactics.com. Support access is granted if you need it. Thank you!

    I wanted to mention what I've seen over the last 12 hours trying to get this to work. Many of the changes ARE showing up. I wanted to make sure that was clear. But many of them are not. And changes often seem to revert. For example, I have an About page here:

    This page has been built at least half a dozen times now. I keep saving new typography settings. Sometimes they never show up in the browser. So I delete the containers and rebuild the page, and then the changes show up in the browser. But when I visit the page a few hours later, the typography settings are all gone again.

    If you look at the about page I linked above, the typeface is supposed to be Lato. I've made that change over and over again. It was showing up properly last night, but now it's displaying the default font again. I haven't touched it. Any insight into how I can get changes to stick is much appreciated!

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