Upfront Child Theme Template update

Is it possible to change a Upfront Child Theme Template from the customizer / builder and not from the child theme CSS directly? Similar to apply to all post type of this kind on save.

Please not I could not post this in the Upfront Theme section as the drop down editor required: Please select the product you need support for.
Even though right now I have Other/Not Listed selected in the theme support because it is not showing the site I am using this under (dev testing site)

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Ramiel,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I'm not quite sure what you wish to achieve here. Is it that you wish to edit page templates directly with Upfront's editor? If so, you just assign a template to a page as you usually do in WordPress, then open a page and switch to "Upfront" mode for editing. While in Upfront's "Responsive mode" you may also use a "Browse layouts" drop-down list to switch between templates.

    I hope that helps but please let me know if I'm missing something here!


  • Sacred Website

    Thank you Adam, this seems to be what I am looking for.
    I do know that Upfront is at a beta stage, so I am not sure if there is a good way to provide feedback.
    I am noticing many little errors/issues that could be helpful to maybe have a issue tracker or bug submission platform.

    I would not want to post the few several items I have been tracking right now as I imaging the forum submission mixes bugs with help topics. I recommend your team consider this.

    I have issues with the mobile menu not rendering properly (example does not push content)
    The setting / configuration gear is too close to the region edit which overlaps the clickability of them.

    The edit post element css page does not scroll correctly (side customizer overlaps it, needing a collaps button maybe to the upfront customizer menu).

    The upfront-grid element is not easily editable as there is no direct way to target it / edit it outside overriding the css.

    Oh, and there is no way to add dragable elements when in the responsive view, for example, to add a text box only to the mobile view (like a MENU text next to the collapsible menu element).

    and various other things I am noticing.

    I Love this theme, and know it has potential of being a TOP visual development tool for WP Themes. And would love to see a better bug tracking section to help the developers better isolate help topics, from bug tracking issues.

    Also for example I would like the edit template screen be outside the responsive menu as it is not intuitive enough, and also having the template type be able to be renamed as well.

    When in the template edit screen, the this post element does not load content of the page/post.
    No dragable this post element, only posts which is specific to post listing rather than a single post content (this element shows up in the default startup editing of the template, but if removed, there is no way to add it back in from the dragable elements list).

    As you can see, this is more feedback then a help / support request.

    I can see a bug tracking platform
    and a Features Request platform.

    Separate from a help / support form.

    Thank you again to you and YOUR ENTIRE TEAM, you all are amazing and awesome!

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