Upfront child themes - where are they stored?

I need to develop and create a theme based on an upfront child theme, then copy it to the primary site (obviously I can't develop it on a live site!)

However, I cannot find where the modifications are stored, or how to copy them to apply to the live site (both sites part of a multisite setup)


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Shu,

    Thanks for explanation!

    I think it's important to know how Upfront works. The crucial part here is that it's not built like any other "regular" WordPress theme, therefore it's not possible to create a "child theme" of any Upfront "child theme" as well as change/enhance it by simply editing theme files.

    In order to "built upon" existing Upfront design (for example, already "designed" site based on e.g. Spirit) you would want to "move theme" along it's settings. However in case of Upfront themes copying files to another folder an changing theme's style.css header will not work. Therefore you'd need to move theme settings from the database.

    In case of separate single sites it would be possible to use an unofficial tool that one of our dev's wrote (I attached it to this post). It's a plugin that allows you to export/import Upfront settings. I didn't have a chance to test it on multisite but it may be worth a try. I'd however suggest trying it on a staging/dev setup first as - as I mentioned - it's not an official and supported tool.

    Let me know if it worked for you please!
    Best regards,

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