Upfront creating multiple child themes

I’m using the Spirit Theme on one of my subsites, theplaybook.hoopsinstitute.com.

What I’m trying to do is create multiple Child Themes based of the Spirit Theme.

So the first child theme I created using Spirit is called, The H.I. Playbook.

I’d like to make a copy of that child theme (The H.I. Playbook), and redesign it for another child theme that I’d like to call The H.I. Startup.

Is this Possible?

If so, is it as simple as deleting the downloading the first child theme, The H.I. Playbook.

Then Renaming it to The H.I. Startup, then reuploading The H.I. Playbook?

Or what would be the correct way to go about doing so?

  • Swapnil
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hey Mogul Naj,

    What I understand from the question is that you are creating a fresh child theme for the theme Spirit. You say that you already have a child theme. But honestly, that does not make any difference. If you need a new child theme, you can always have it. Name it as per your wish, and add the customizations you need.

    Like you said, you would like to inherit the changes you have made in the child theme you have made earlier, in that case, you can just make a copy of the existing child theme, rename it, and add more customizations if you need them.

    So to sum it up you can create any number of child themes you need to. All of them are independent of other child themes. Just copy the customizations you would want from the other child theme.

    Hope this helps,

    Please feel free to get back to us if you have any further queries,



  • Naj
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Swapnil,

    Thanks for the reply.

    So here's the issue broken down a little more.

    Basically, I want to use the Spirit Theme to create multiple child themes.

    But more specifically, not the Original Spirit theme.

    I want to use "The Playbook" Spirit Child Theme that I've created to create more child themes.

    The Playbook Theme is installed on the subsite, theplaybook.hoopsinstitute.com

    So here's exactly what I did so far.

    1. I downloaded The Playbook child theme first before making any changes.

    2. Then I used the Upfront builder 'edit theme info' button to rename the installed version for The

    Playbook theme to The Startup Theme, thinking this was how I'm supposed to make a copy of the


    3. After that, I tried to reinstall The Playbook theme since I had renamed the installed version to The

    Startup Theme.

    I then received this error in the image attached.

    Can you direct me on the proper way to making an exact copy of the child themes I create?

    Thanks !

  • Swapnil
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Mogul Naj,

    You need to rename the directory which holds the child theme files. Match the directory name with the theme name. Then zip it, and try to install.

    The screenshot you have shared just mentions that the directory does already exist, that is because you already had the theme installed, and the new theme you are trying to install has the files in the same directory. Just rename it and it should be fine.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance with this,


    Swapnil V. Patil

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