Upfront distorting widget settings


The plugin contnet area/type in upfront seems to be distorting the widget settings, meaning I am unable to use the plug in properly.

The widget I am using is the 'archive calendar widget'- added through a plug in of the same name. This was suggested to me via someone on support live chat .

The widget settings in appearrance-->widgets vs in upfront are shown below...

This means I am unable to select a category for the archived posts to be pulled from.

Is there any way to set this, or get upfront to dispaly the settings of the widget properly?

The plug-in hasn't been updated for a while, but is fully functional, so I am happy to hard-code the catagory ID (5) for the required catagroy into the plug-in/widget files if needed/possible.

This is the only plug-in that seems to be able to achieve my desired outcome/final use. I basically need something that will allow my users to select a post from a calendar view from a set category (see the 'choose date' button at the top of the homepage of the site- this loads the widget without the settings applied at the moment). The basic calendar widget in WordPress looks awful, plus will only display all posts in calendar format, rather than one specific catagroy.

Is there a way to fix this, or a workaround? Or prehaps another way to acheive the desiered outcome?

Support access is granted if needed