Upfront download is far from intuitive ...

Hi guys.

I'm sure you have a reason, but it sure is strange (in my opinion) to get to the Upfront page here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/projects/category/themes/ and not be able to download Upfront as far as I can see!

You have to go to a Starter Theme to download Upfront, and once there that is a little unclear since the top link is the starter theme and immediately under it (which I missed each time) is a distinct link to download Upfront.

Its not intuitive is it?

Have a great weekend ...

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, esidarap!

    I agree, it's not super easy to find. It's at least somewhat on purpose, since you can't run Upfront by itself, it has to have a secondary (calling it a child theme is a bit inaccurate here) theme to work.

    We're working on updating all the Upfront docs, I'm making myself a note to explain this better, and to speak with the project page guy to see if there's a way we can make that more prominent.

    We do have a check in place with the secondary themes, so if you install one it will check for the base Upfront theme. If it doesn't find it, it will give you a nag that you need to install Upfront (with a link) before you can activate one of the secondary themes.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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