upfront editing is not working


I have tried to use upfront with spirit on my staging site using both IE 11 and the latest version of Firefox. in both cases its almost imposable to get a smooth editing experience. wile firefox is a bit more stable I still run into a lot of issues with selecting text and trying to edit it. I have read the documentation but couldn't find why this happen, the major issue is the inability to select text, or when the text is selected the editing of it doesn't work.
I love the concept of upfront and really want to use it however its not stable enough and takes too much time to troubleshoot issues.

I cannot create a new post as the text is not editable.
if I add a post via the standard WP add post I can see the post on the post page but I can not navigate the actual post itself. the link to read more does not work.

the user experience between IE 11 and firefox is different and I hope that you can get upfront stable on all browsers.

please advise if you need more clarification. I really hope to see a fix to the issues I've seen in the next release of upfront.

Please advise,