Upfront & Editing Starter Themes

I have 2 questions related to the same thing:

1) I edited an Upfront Starter theme, customized it and made it my own. I changed all the information about the theme (name, url, version, etc) but it still seems to have a dependency on WPMUDEV. It keeps telling me there is an update for my theme, I want to completely deactivate any link this theme has to WPMUDEV (other than the fact that its an upfront theme of course). I don't want to update it because it is no longer the theme I used as a starting point.

2) What is the proper way to create a new theme and base it on a starter theme? IE: Create a new theme called MyTheme but have it preload all the elements of say Spirit theme as a starting point for creation.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Michael,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    Another element that connects Spirit to Upfront is WDP ID inside style.css and that's why you're seeing the update notification, or you can edit theme info from Upfront > Builder panel, once you have Upfront Builder plugin installed

    Upfront child themes are quite connected to parent theme and it's not suggested to make any changes to their files as we can't guarantee how it will work after that.

    If you wish to have your own child theme you should use Upfront Builder plugin which is specifically created for that.
    You may try with editing Spirit theme from the Editor after you have edited its info but as mentioned, this is not something suggested and we can't guarantee how the theme will behave after that.

    Best thing to do is go to Upfront > Builder plugin and create completely new theme from there.

    Best regards,

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