Upfront Editor hanging at 40%


http://www.affertons.co.uk has now gone live – it was on a temporary url during the build. We are in the process of making DNS changes to point to – the .co.uk has already propagated, .com happening soon.

I am now having a host of problems.

1) (as mentioned on another ticket) The Google Map module (as opposed to the plug-in) is causing the Upfront Editor to hang at 40%.

2) I cannot access Upfront_General in order to add an api key to (hopefully) fix the above. I get “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

3) The Defender dashboard on The Hub is giving me a false ‘website down’ error. It’s not.

I have tried logging out and in of the wpmudev dashboard. I have created a new Administrator user and tried using their login. Neither of these has made any difference. Both users that I tested are Administrators.