Upfront editor vs wp editor confusion solutions

I recently responded to another post and realized that one of the following would help them as well as myself in working with people who are a little confused with the way that pages work with Upfront.

I get a lot of feedback, confusion, and frustration with the current configuration. It is difficult for people to know where to edit/add informant onto a page. Sometimes they change things and nothing happens. The other issue is wanting someone to be able to use the great upfront elements on a page but not accidentally editing global options for the site. Here are a few solutions that could help fix these problems:

A: There could be a wordpress editor "element." This element would pull from the Wordpress content associated with that page. This way one could mix upfront elements with the Wordpress editor system in a logical way without having to choose one or the other. After the design was together the page could then be mostly managed thought the wp page. Furthermore, restricted access could be implemented either natively in the plugin or with another plugin like Adminimize that would hide the option to use Upfront.

B: Bring the elements into the page editor the way Divi does (and other editor programs like visual composure), so one could use upfront instead of the Wordpress editor on a page content by page content basis without accedentially adjusting any global elements. Essentially having upfront replace tinymce editor in the page/post editor without logging into the entire upfront editing where one sees complete website development.

C: Not quite a fun and fancy, but a better warning/guiding system so if a page should be edited in upfront rather than Wordpress it is very apparent and people don't mess up there page accidentally or wonder why their content isn't showing.