Hey guys,


as per another thread I have tried adding the following to wp-config.php. But not resolved…

@ini_set( ‘post_max_size’, ‘512M’:wink:;

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’:wink:;

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hey Sam

    Hope all is well !

    The issue could be related to mod_security in your server.

    Can you please ask your host disable mod_security?

    If this is not possible, then you can try to add the following in htaccess:

    <IfModule mod_security.c>
    SecFilterRemove 00318

    If the above htaccess trick doesn’t work, then the only way is to disable mod_security by speaking to your web host.

    Let me know how it goes.



  • Gareth
    • New Recruit

    I tried what the OP said, I’ve tried mod_security, I’ve tried switching off all plugins, clearing browser cache, tried Firefox, Chrome and Edge, and a whole host of other things but no matter what I do I cannot get anything to save using Upfront on the Fixer theme.

    I tried another one of your themes (Parrot) and Upfront worked fine then but just will not work on Fixer.

    I’ve literally spent an entire day trying to get Fixer/Upfront to work as advertised, I’d really appreciate some proper help with this.

    Unfortunately, Fixer is the only one of your themes suitable for what I want to do with my websites. If I can’t get it to work I’ll have to go buy a suitable theme on themeforest, which considering what wpmudev premium costs, I shouldn’t really have to do!

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hey Gareth

    Hope all is well with you. It may be best to open a separate thread here as while to issues may be the same, the causes may not be related.

    Fixer is the biggest of all upfront themes and the POST data that is saves is quite large. Some hosts cant handle that, you may want to consider either removing sections or getting a better hosting package.

  • Sam
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Well I’m using Spirit and on the top level hosting package so….

    I need the sections, there’s no other way about it. If you can’t help Upfront is not for me and I’ll have to completely re-dev the site with another theme!

  • Gareth
    • New Recruit

    For those it may concern, I just did a fresh install of Fixer/Upfront, made a small edit but got the error again.

    I then used Upfront to delete the ‘Services’ section only and was able to save the page successfully.

  • Luís
    • Support

    Hi Gareth ,

    Hope you’re doing well today!

    As my team teammate Jude mentioned, some servers (specially NGINX) cannot handle well with the Fixer homepage, because of it’s complex size due to the number of elements used.

    Our developers are aware and working to improve this in the future versions.

    Meanwhile, I can suggest some temporary solutions to try overcome this:

    1) If your website is on a NGINX server, try increasing the value for the “client_max_body_size” variable.

    2) For both servers (Apache or NGINX ) you can try also increase the “upload_max_filesize” and “post_max_size” variables. I think this article may interest you:


    Also, I would like to suggest to, instead of post in an existing topic, please, create your own:

    1) It will avoid spread, lose and mix information;

    2) It will provide us tools like Support Access so we can check you admin panel and make some tests.

    Even that the errors can be the same, the cause can be different.

    I hope this information has been helpful. If I can help you in this or other questions, please let me know!

    Cheers, Luís

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