UpFront error and warning messages?


I am trying to optimise my home page http://www.excelstories with Hummingbird and got bad server performance (64). Running the Safari Web Console error and warnings shows up that I don´t know how to get rid of:

1. Opening any page on http://www.excelstories.com on the web (not logged in):
- See enclosure "Errors on Internet" + "Unexpected token A/B". The file is located at the path without the "media." prefix and the warnings seems related to typos in the plugin php code.

2. When logged in and visiting http://www.excelstories.com additional errors shows up in similar way as (1.) - See enclosure "Errors LoggedIn"

3. When starting UpFront additional errors shows up
(- See enclosure "Errors UpFront" "Unexpected token C/C":wink: A .Microsoft. something has the same error 9 times.

I suspect that the errors and warnings has impact on the performance. Can you help me get rid of them?