Upfront / Fixer Theme on Localhost Win8, wont image upload

Working on the Fixer/Upfront theme on local host Win8 WAMP setup. The following is are the steps taken to no success:
1- Tried to add image 'object' either on region, or page
2- Then tried to 'add image' from within the image widget 'plus' icon, or right click 'add image'.
3- When any attempts to invoke a dialog box to browse, or navigate for a potential image, the upload box is not invoked.
4- Everything on the screen is blurred as in anticipating a 'browse for image' dialog box, but nothing happens.
5- After much wait, the only option is to either reload the page, or navigate backwards.

After many tries, there is no success to invoking the image upload dialog box. This only happens on the localhost, not on a live server.