Upfront gallery craziness...FYI.

This is not really a question or a request for support. I thought you might like to see just how crazy the Upfront Spirit Gallery acts, at least in my experience. The gallery is a very important part for my website and it has been, to say the least, a real struggle. In the video attached I deactivated every plugin, cleared the cache in WP as well as cleared everything in each browser. I went through basically the same process in each browser. You'll see that I had some success in Chrome (although just yesterday, I had a similar reaction in this browser also, something changed I guess) and gradually added back some plugins. None seemed to make a difference. So, again, this is just for your information and any specific help I need apart from the weird events of trying to control the gallery, I will post in individual support requests.
I'm on a Mac OS 10.9.5, all browsers are up-to-date, I was drinking only water (at the time).