Upfront global site width and mobile issues

Hi There,

I am trying to install Upfront on two existing sites and am running into a lot of frustrating issues with the system.

1) How do you set a width for all pages/or at least set the layout for all pages without having to do things on each individual page? For instance, my page widths are all over the place, there is seemingly no way to set it globally and move on with one's life?!

2) Mobile issues. Firstly, if you view the site on a Galaxy s4, a good about 80px of the right hand side is just plain white, the site just seems to end there. But only for the main stuff, I have a text rotating widget that covers the whole width, with the background ending at that 80px point and just a white background the rest of the way on the widget, everything else though seems to end just before that blank section, including the backgrounds, looks pathetic.

3) More mobile issues. The rotating image slider doesn't allow me to add mobile only styles to make it more readable. I have tried using @media rules to make the text smaller and the caption area bigger in order for it not to cut off but to no avail. I have somehow managed to get the image to be 100px x 100px on mobile, don't ask me how, took hours out of my life, not sure why it suddenly started to work and putting in code that manipulates the text areas as such in the same place doesn't seem to work.

3) Even more mobile issues. Doing stuff (esp. manipulating the images in the slider thing) on the mobile size thing (cell phone size) seems to mess it up for the whole site even the non-mobile size, making it kinda pointless?

I really wish you guys could do a series of proper tutorials for Upfront, even the doc you've posted on instructions seems to have ended abruptly with a heading you have not even been discussed. Something that walks us through setting mobile only versions of the site, creating our own (global!) templates, setting up CSS that only affects one element of a particular page, and how to work with the system on already established sites, because for something this seemingly simple, this level of frustration with simple tasks is nauseating.

Thanks, K