Upfront guide - issues with custom buttons...


Just working my way through your guides. I'm using the Fixer theme following along, but I'm sure the principles are the same.

In part 4 you have a section about adding custom css to buttons.

You state:

Drag a new Button Element onto your site, and then go into the Settings and create a new preset. I am calling mine “no-fill.”

1. If I try to add the name no-fill i get a message saying no special characters. Has this changed since this was written?

I've gone ahead and created a preset called nofill.

You then state:

Go into the settings and the pre-set you have just created should be selected. Click edit preset and go into the Element CSS Styles panel at the bottom of the settings dialogue, then click add new style.

2. After clicking the button settings I can see my nofill preset is selected but there is no edit preset. Screenshot attached. Has this changed?

Moving on... When I view the Element CSS Styles panel > click add new style > paste the example css > hit the save button, I get a message 'You need to set a name for the style'. This may be because the edit preset option wasn't available.

Hope you can help.