Upfront has never worked properly

All of a sudden my main navigation switched to default settings and is not loading the image I placed in the navigation. I tried to fix it but Upfront just seems to not work right and now it is all messed up.

I am looking for guidance on getting upfront to work properly. Since I have built my website using it there has been problems. (Examples, I try to resize an element and it doesn’t resize, I try to add an element and it won’t add. I watched the tutorials and read the forums and it seems like things just snap into place but when I try it nothing works right.)

I don’t know if the browser has anything to do with it I use Firefox and it seems to be having issues so I logged in using chrome it seemed to work better but eventually I run into the same problems. The funny thing is if I log out and then come back the next day and log in Upfront works great for an hour then gets all buggy on me again.

Do I have something setup wrong? This has been an issue since I built my website using your system with no plugins except what comes stock with a WordPress installation so I dont believe it is another plugin interfering.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.