Upfront homepage templates & old content showing up


I’ve been working on a site using the Upfront building based of the uf-scribe starter theme. I’m suddenly having a new issue after editing the same areas I usually edit so I don’t really have any idea of what might be causing the problem or if I’ve been using layouts organized in a way that is setting myself up for problems.

I’ve been editing the homepage layout in the Upfront builder. Changes I’ve made here have always been reflected on the site homepage. The new changes I’ve added (stylized tabs, menu changes, etc) are no longer showing up on the homepage. When I go to the upfront builder to the homepage layout the changes are all there so they did save.

The site homepage when you visit the website is still showing a previous version from the day before.

I don’t have any WordPress pages created with Homepage content, so if the site homepage isn’t generating from the homepage layout template in the Upfront builder or from a WordPress page I’m not sure where it is coming from.

I’ve tried creating a new wordpress page in Upfront to make the static homepage using (setting>reading>static page) but when I try to do that the homepage layout template is not available as a layout to select in Upfront or the wordpress page editor.

I’ve cleared the Upfront cache with no change and have enabled support access on the site.

Could you give me some idea of what I’m missing? I appreciate the help and advice.

Differences between the two versions for clarify:

the older version is viewable on the site when you visit the domain.

The new version in the “homepage” layout in Upfront builder has a logo on the top left, 3 dropdown options from the menu under services, and a purple with white text tabs under the about us section.

Thank you!