Upfront interface glitching

Upfront interface is having many problems.

• When I go to add an image and drag over the image from the Upfront toolbar on the left, but it does not load the media import interface.

• When I try to edit a picture that is already in a region, specifically when I try to crop it, the interface disappears, everything in the background gets a little blurry, and there is no response.

• When I am in Upfront, whole regions are visible that are NOT visible when the site is saved and published live.

• The featured image that should display with each post is not being displayed correctly; it is enormous, stretched out in many cases, and lacks all formatting.

• All of my buttons and many images are being forced to align to the left and will not center at all (even new buttons I try to add).

I've opened other tickets about these problems individually, which have gone cold it seems. I've done what has been asked, but I've waited and gotten no response.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Eric,

    I'm sorry that Upfront is not working correctly on your site, but creating new ticket wont speed up things and can even slow down process as multiple staff members will be working on the same issues.

    Your tickets are not cold - we process out tickets in queue from older to newer and sometimes when forum is busy and our queue are long we can't answer threads right away. We try to avoid delays, but they sometimes happen.

    Right now I've send message to James and Vaughan so the will follow up as soon as possible on your threads. There is no worry - they will investigate those issues and get back to you.

    kind regards,

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