Upfront - is it broken?

We signed up to and are paying for WPMU Premium yet are having an absolute nightmare using Upfront Builder. Not sure what has happened recently but the whole process has become extremely worrying. Using the latest version of Upfront responsive elements are not saving, reverting back to the default.

We have built another site, added content, all fine. Desktop view great. HOWEVER, go the the tablet and mobile views, add in specific menus and elements for both and when saved, they firstly hide the desktop menu, then, correct that and both tablet and mobile views revert back to the default navigation layout which is NOT what we want, running vertically down the page. We have saved, re-saved, deleted, added in new menus, its a nightmare. It should be simple, default navigation on desktop, tablet menu for tablet - either text or a burger icon and the burger icon on the mobile view.

Nothing seems to work.When we tested during the trial period everything went ok. We put a site live for a client, everything was fine. Then, over the last few weeks things seem to have become broken with Upfront Builder. What is going on? Are you working on a new update that we are testing? Seriously concerned and thinking about cancelling if we can't get this resolved. Its costing us more time that its saving.

Support have access enabled - could seriously do with some help. We seem to be posting lots of issues, problems, finding bugs etc etc. Its beginning to become a serious concern - it seemed to be so good - too good to be true?

  • Patrick

    Hi there Martin

    I hope you're well today!

    Unfortunately, I am unable to reproduce that behavior while editing a new custom theme in the Upfront Builder.

    Have you perhaps created the theme in Builder, then edited it further using the standard Upfront Editor? If so, that could explain the odd behavior you're observing.

    The reason for that is that Builder will save all your modifications as files in an exportable format, so you can download your custom theme and install it elsewhere. However, editing in the default Upfront Editor will not change any of those files; rather, it saves all modifications to the database of the site it's installed on.

    So, if you build a custom theme in Builder, then edit it in Upfront Editor, those edits will not be exported.

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