Upfront (Issue) Compatibility with WPML (again)

Wordpress 4.6.1, Upfront 1.4.3, Issue Magazine 1.0, WPML Multilingual CMS
I understand from (a lot of) similar support request (e.g. https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/upfront-and-wpml-issue-hey-team-i-got-super-excited-about) that Upfront and WPML are not compatible. (Unfortunately I cannot figure out the latest news on this topic: any ETA for getting this done?).

So to work around it I tried to adapt the Issue Magazine theme to my needs. Basically the theme consist of categorized pages (originally "TV", "Tech" etc.), which show posts of a certain category.

The translation with WPML on the level of posts seems to work without problems.
But the translation of a page to another language converts the beautiful layout of the original page into a generic one for archives.

So here the question: Can I just edit the translated page with Upfront creating the same layout - and then I am fine? Or will there be other problems later? (Important to know before I start with all that work).

The attached screenshots show a page in English in Upfront and the German "translation". I have a hard time to recreate the same layout, because it is not possible to copy an Upfront element from one window into another one (hint, hint!!!).
Any helpful thoughts on this? Thank you!!!