Upfront JS is throwing exceptions

I'm trying to get my mom's site rebuilt and moved from weebly and I've hit a snag. for some reason upfront has decided that its not going to work any more. I was adding a new page via upfront but I realized that it would take WAY less time if i copied the text into my txt editor and added the markup with search /replace and then pasted it in to the TEXT tab from the normal WP edit screen.

When I did that, Upfront decided it wasn't going to talk to me any more and it started putting this on to the console:

Uncaught ReferenceError: define is not defined
    at main.js:50
    at main.js:50

Obviously something in the JS changed. Its _possible_ that the JS was cached from before and there was an error in the latest upfront version or something like that but it seems unlikely.

I've already given you temporary accesses from the wpmudev dashboard.