Upfront : major issue on url (I have to deliver that site tomorrow)

Hi Team,

I am facing a huge issue.

After installing Upfront + Scribe I have redesigned the theme a bit for a client.

You can check the result : www/l-arbre-rouge.fr/42couleur

(/42couleur is added by the plugin ‘Coming soon Pro’ to allow WIP screen for client while I am working on the website itself)

Everything was working all fine till last Wednesday. Since that day, the menu links are getting crazy.

For instance the url : http://www.l-arbre-rouge.fr/la-naturopathie/

is pointing to the content of http://www.l-arbre-rouge.fr/la-formation/ that itself pointing to the content of http://www.l-arbre-rouge.fr/contact/

URL links seems completely messed-up in the database !

It is first visible on the ‘live’ website. Then if I tried to edit that page in Upfront, I also find the wrong content.

Since it happened first, I tried to :

– recreate the 3 pages : in WordPress and then in Upfront (what a waste of time !!!) –> it worked for a couple of hours, and suddenly, while I was making changes on the design of the pages, it started to get completely messed up again !

– de-activate plugins : nothing helped

– checked the url address in WordPRess and then in Upfront (they should be similair right ?) : some discrepancy on one page, but that page is not more messy than the others that look normal url wise.

Even more strange : sometimes, when opening the Upfront page editor, the normal content is displayed again !

My only explanation if I try to put the blame on me : I am using a different menu than the Upfront one (Mega Menu Pro). It might be that one that causes the problem ? But I tried to deactivate it and use the Upfront menu, and it doesn’t help either.

I have to deliver that website tomorrow during the day, and I have no idea how to fix this, even temporarily. I am really in troubles. And very disappointed by Upfront :slight_frown: This is a major issue and prevent me to really trust Upfront for future project….

Without a solution today, I’m gonna have to rebuild that website under ‘Ultimatum’ another framework : it takes a lot longer to setup pages, but I never had such a terrible issue…

I have granted you access to the backend of the website.


Pleeeease !

Many thanks in advance,

I loved Upfront so far :slight_frown: Really want to trust it again, but this is a major one.