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I bought a year membership to WPMUDEV and I also bought a web hosting reseller package. I would like to build a site where I will sell bundles to small business, a domain, hosting, SSL, office 365 or Google Apps, VoIP telephony, SMS mass text companigns, as well as business services such as opening an LLC, doing taxes, and picking up consulting engagements. So a MIX of business services from LODEX Solutions Inc.
To make it more bearable:
1-no physical goods, occasional consulting and professional engagements, possible onsite visits
2-services resold on recurring Bases
3-data mining products and reports
4-retail and wholesale
Basically does your thing work for we hosts and design shops?

  • Sajid

    Hi Giorgiy,
    Hope you are doing good today!

    If I understand correctly you want to sell services. For this purpose we have Membership 2 Pro plugin that you can use to charge your clients on recurring basis.

    We also have MarketPress plugin that you can use to sell tangible products easily. But this does not have recurring payments options.

    However, I am not sure what you mean by reports. Do you want monthly sales etc ? If yes then MarketPress does have this option in Dashboard.

    Take care and have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

  • Giorgiy.ORG

    By reports I meant products I'll be selling, data feeds, API calls and so on, I believe that in our day and age selling s-m-xl in different colors just not it.
    Here is what I am imagining - a WP multi site network ran by your plugins exclusively (and please help me here I loaded them all and site is dead I rename plugins folder restart get back in and turn them on, like about 100 :slight_smile: work well and there is a conflict with the other 35 somewhere, I know I am a lunatic, just exited to learn :slight_smile:
    Anyway, I want to make bundles let's say for $100 per month I'm gonna give you doman, hosting, office 365, and up to 5 phone lines with voice or SMS plus I want to sell my consulting and development services and as far as reports I follow changes in public switched telephone network as well as global DNS changes such as MX records and who is your mail provider and do I need to offer you google or Microsoft. Now that there s a market for such data I wanna try selling it. Also I have a guy who fixes computers so for local businesses we gonna have onsite repair service... Too much to ask? Please tell.
    I am a .net developer and a director of application development at CloudRoute LLC a mcrosoft's golf partner and a cloud solution provider. I'd love to build it all myself but I found you and if you can help me configure it I'll setup a farm in azure as opposed to stupid shared hosting and run full speed with API on the backend. Dreams... Dreams.
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  • Nastia

    Hello Gio, I hope you are doing well today!

    My apologies for late reply.

    I am afraid we do not develop plugins or a software that will help you to create these services: SSL, office 365 or Google Apps, VoIP telephony, SMS mass text companigns.

    To build the business plan you described above, except our plugins, it will require custom coding.

    If you want to sell hosting, you can try the WHMCS WP Integration plugin, that will provide:
    - the WHMCS portal to your dashboard
    - a support system
    - Domain checker and domain resale

    This if only you want to sell hosting with WHMCS services, More information about this plugin you will find on the plugin's project page.

    I see you have included Upfront in your title, you can use Upfront for your site and we can guide you how to use the Upfront themes to set up your site.

    You can sell domains with the Domain Mapping plugin to your users:

    If you are planning to sell the following services on your site, you can sell these as digital products with MarketPress plugin:
    office 365 or Google Apps, VoIP telephony, SMS mass text companigns.

    If you need assistance with our plugins or with WordPress in general, we'll be happy to help.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.


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