[Upfront Migration] Upfront Migration

Hi team, I have come Across James' blog about discontinuing upfront, and I have read the blog https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/10-drag-and-drop-page-builders-wordpress/ about other alternatives thank you.

Three questions:

1. Too many builders in this article. What is the one that WPMUdev is likely to work most closely with?

2. Is there a migration tool to get content out of Upfront and into any of these builders? If no tool, is there are process? Please let me know a link…

3. For the paid ones, have you approached any of them about doing a 'cross-grade' discount for members such as myself who have paid WPMUdev subscriptions? This would really help me decide as I want to go with a paid option for the support component, but it is net-new expense as previously was very well covered by WPMUdev staff.

Thank you. G.