Upfront Multisite Main Blog Edit Disabled

When attempting to edit Upfront on the main blog of a brand new multi-site installation, no other plugins but upfront, builder, and wpmudev dashboard, mainwp child activated. htaccess is only initial network entries. and debug enabled.

When attempting to edit any upfront theme, the upfront edit link in the admin bar is disabled (grey), and reaching the editor url does not open upfront.

No debug messages are output on screen or to logfile, cache is cleared on browser, in upfront.
Editor not loading.

When creating a child site, editor is opening up and working as expected.

Version Info
Upfront V 1.4.2
Upfront (Active Theme) V 0.0.0
Builder V 1.1

I was briefly able to enter edit after assigning a version to the theme, then after exiting, The edit option is still unusable. This is for all upfront themes.