Upfront: Need detailed documentation

I am trying Fixer and Spirit on my sites and i am having following problems.
1- Cannot add the Layer slider in the top custom Slider place.
2-Not able to insert Twitter widget.
3- Fixer Subscribe button: I don't get any email when someone enter info in the subscribe section. Do i need to modify it? How?

My previous inquiry link.

It would be great if someone can help.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi, Imran!

    We ask members to avoid starting multiple threads about the same question, it slows down our ability to give everyone great support. I'll try to help with your questions here. If we solve your issues, be sure to note it in your previous thread.

    1. The Layer Slider shortcode does not appear to be supported by Upfront themes. I can add a feature request to test future versions with third-party sliders. For now, you can create a full-width slider with the included drag-n-drop slider tool.
    2. Any Twitter plugin that includes a Twitter widget should work here. You'll be able to access all the widgets you have installed from within the Upfront Editor. I like this one, https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-twitter-feed-widget/, it's worked for me with every theme and plugin combination I've tried it with.
    3. You need to edit the settings on the contact form by clicking the little green gear in the upper corner, and entering your email addy where indicated. I grabbed a screenshot, below.

    Hope this helps!

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